Piercing Tusks

    Piercing tusks jewelry looks like the tusks of mammoths and elephants. They have the same curved or straight conical shape. They are available in various sizes and colors and made of steel, acryl or nacre. Tusks are mainly used for ear piercing, but can also be applied for some other types of piercing. Piercing tusks were popular among ancient tribes and symbolized strength and courage. Nowadays this kind of body jewelry is adapted to the life in the modern world.

    Our collection of Piercing tusks includes adornments in different color combinations - black, blue, white, green, pink, red, etc. Tusks made of steel look more teasing and they made of nacre give you a brave look. Two annular rubber rings come together with piercing tusks so you can be sure that they will always be in the right place. If you want to experience something new and attract attention of the others, the adornments like tusks are a perfect choice.

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