Ear Tunnels, Flesh Tunnels

    Ear tunnel is one of unique adornments inserted into large amount of perforations. Ear tunnel make tiny barrel and tunnel and is fixed with screw or rubber ring. They look original and interesting, that's why very popular and eventually becomes widespread around the world. Flesh tunnel and plug in steels and brasses. We have externally and internally threaded tunnel, sometimes double flared and single flared one. The ear tunnels offered by our body jewelry shop are also a variety in sizes so that you can order either small item or huge one suitable for you. It's also suitable for both men and women.

    The QPiercing.com prefer working only with marked jewelry, so based on this rule we can guarantee you safety while you wear our ear tunnels without any allergic reaction of skin or other uncomfortable or negative results. But not only safety but also suitable prices and variety of choices are in the QPiercing.com shop. If you still hesitate, contact with us. We give you all information and answer for your issues.

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