Ear Tunnels, Flesh Tunnels

    Ear tunnels are a unique adornment inserted into large perforations. Ear tunnels make tiny barrels and tunnels, which are fixed with screws or rubber rings. They look great that's why the tunnels have eventually become widespread around the world. Ancient tribes used to insert tunnels into the ears for witching. Unusual wooden tunnels were also widely used to point out the social status of their owner. In the today's world they made of steel are widely spread and are no longer perceived as some kind of gimmick. Our online store presents ear tunnels made of steel, silicone, corals and wood. Our catalog is being continuously updated. This kind of exclusive adornments has an unusual design that will satisfy the tastes of the most demanding men and women.

    The ear tunnels represented in our body jewelry shop also vary in size so that you can order either small items or huge ones for real thrill-seekers. Our body jewelry shop is the best place to buy tunnels and to make your image catchy and unforgettable.

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