Straight Barbells

    Extremely used type of body piercing. It look like straight not long bars with balls on the ends. Actually, this is the second jewelry after rings. Straight barbells are divided for two types: external and internal. Some are using for decorating eyebrows, ears, tongue and other body parts, but still it's not popular for decoration of intimate zone.

    The is the place where you can find straight barbells suitable for you by price and also by materials which they are made of. We offer you surgical steel, yellow and white gold, silver, titanium, bioplast. The most typical size is 14 gauge 5/8", but you also can fide the others one. But the main advantage of our shop is the variety of colors and shapes, design. We offer different colors, even some unreal. But among of shine and great, there are some simple models. Straight barbells are popular either among hippies and punks or middle-aged persons.

    Straight barbells are demanding sterile condition to be done, so choose only the right salons, and we'll provide only certificated production for you. Our straight barbells range from not expensive to the models of the modern car price. If you have some issues, just contact and we give all answers you need.

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