Spiral Barbells

    Try to create an original, funky, unusual and modern new look with our spiral barbell. Spiral barbell is one of the types of curved barbells, but it has some difference which is expressed in the form of it and due to the number of spiral curves. Conditionally this type can be divided twisted barbells and helix barbells or just into simple or complicated in using, especially in adding or removing.

    Our shop the QPiercing offers you spiral barbells made of gold either yellow or white, primary silver, titanium and plastic as well as models made of platinum and acryl. Also there is a huge amount of sizes in our shop, but you can order for your personal characteristics. You definitely find something suitable for you like a glove. Don't be afraid or changes, sometimes they bring happiness.

    Spiral barbells can be used for every part of your body, but it's not having sense in using them on intimate organs. Spiral barbells are much spread among teenagers but also they have some fans among more mature persons.

    Our shop the QPiercing.com it's not only lots of catalogues and options but it's a guaranty of your safety after wearing it. All jewelry has a quality certificate, which confirms its high level and originality. Contact with us for knowing more, and we'll give you fully detailed information.

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