Spiral Barbells

    Spiral barbell makes a curved barbell twisted into a spiral. They are extremely common due to the great look of them and how simple they are to add or remove. They are often called by other names as well. You may hear terms including twisted barbells and helix barbells. Spiral barbell are used universally they are suitable for tongue and navel piercing as well as for ears, eyebrows and other parts of the body. Twisted barbells are also made of various metals but the most common material is surgical steel. This type of jewelry for body piercing is made of gold, silver and plastic too.

    We guarantee that every spiral barbell is made of high quality material suitable for this purpose. Helix barbells do not cause allergic reactions or any other negative consequences. In the online store at qpiercing.com the spiral barbells are offered at the most affordable prices. Experiment on your appearance and dont be afraid of radical changes!

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