Piercing Retainers

    The main function of piercing retainers is to prevent the piercing perforation from incarceration under circumstances when body jewelry has to be removed. Piercing retainers are perfect for school or work where it is forbidden to wear body piercing jewelry. Or, for instance, if you are being examined in the hospital, you may be asked to remove all the metal jewelry from your body. That is the very situation when our piercing retainers are perfect to use. Moreover, if you want to keep your navel piercing during pregnancy, then you really need piercing retainers because they can bend and stretch according to the shape of your body. Piercing retainers are also ideal for going in for sports.

    We guarantee that all our body jewelry retainers are made of high quality and suitable materials such as Bioplast or PTFE. Piercing retainers are designed in a variety of shapes and sizes to hide your ear, lip, labret, nose, navel, tongue, septum or nipple piercing comfortably and without worry. In our online shop you can buy body jewelry retainers for all kinds of piercing. Our piercing jewelry catalog will surprise you with a wide range of retainers at low prices.

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