Ptfe Body Jewelry, Flexible Body Jewelry

    PTFE body jewelry can serve as a substitution for people highly sensitive to metals. However, not all of the piercing fans want to use nylon or teflon because fixing them on the body requires professional skills. In case if you want to fix nylon or teflon adornments for a long period of time, you have to consult experts in this field of cosmetology. Wearing them for a short period of time is absolutely harmless.

    So, PTFE jewelry does not injure your body or cause any irritation and rejection. It is neutral to the chemicals and does not lose its properties over a wide temperature range. It means that you can wear it either in the bath or sauna, in the Arabian desert or, so to say, during the polar expedition. You do not even feel discomfort. And its safety and flexibility let even the pregnant women wear flexible jewelry. PTFE body jewelry can be almost transparent. So, it is possible to wear a kind of "secret" piercing. And no one even notices that you have, for example, pierced nose or a lip. In addition flexible body jewelry can be remarkably colored including pigments which start to works only in the ultraviolet light (e.g. in a night club) or becomes luminous in the dark.

    Our shop offers BioFlex PTFE body jewelry - the material of the future with unique physical and chemical properties. The body jewelry shop at offers you the PTFE body jewelry made of invisible and completely biocompatible materials of the future.

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