Ptfe Body Jewelry, Flexible Body Jewelry

    PTFE is a synthetic material better known as Teflon is suitable for people who has the allergic reactions on different metals. It is an amazing material that is completely inert, biocompatible and flexible and appropriate for making jewelry. PTFE jeweler is suitable for initial piercings as well as for a taking a long time to wear. Only consult experts can fix the time of wearing as this is the cosmetology area. It's not harmful at all.

    Flexible jewelry does not have any injures effect on your body or don't cause any irritation and rejection, allergic reaction and it's quite originally designed. Because of its flexible options, PTFE Barbell can be used in the area of navel piercings even of pregnant women, not only for others. PTFE is also used in facial reconstruction operations and ear surgeries. Also these jewelry things don't lose their main properties in different temperatures, no matter is this sauna or desert climate. PTFE jewelry includes models of different colors which are visible only in the ultraviolet light or the club light. PTFE jewelry also has some luminous effects in the dark. And among the catalogues in our shop you can find the unique material of future which contains the most important physical and chemical properties. The body jewelry offers by our shop is some kind of invisible and completely biocompatible materials of the world. Contact with us and you'll have fully-detailed information about this jewelry.

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