Ear Plugs

    Ear plugs are making closed tunnels without hole and are spread among creative and stylish young people but still have some fans among middle-ages. It's one of the latest innovation provided by the market of body piercing jewelry things. The wearers of ear plug can be sure of showing individuality.

    The body jewelry shop at qpiercing.com presents you an exclusive and regularly collections of the different plugs, in which you can find for instance the ear plug that suits any taste or size of you. A plug (sometimes called earplugs or earspools), in the context of body modifications, are a short, cylindrical piece of jewelry which is commonly worn in larger-gauge body part. Plugs can be made of different variety of materials, such as gold, primary silver 925 carats, titanium and lots of others one, but the main feature of them are surgical steel 316L metal bins. Nowadays almost every third person in the world , no matter woman or a man, wears or going to do this. Also you can always count on new models, and our new collection is modern and original. We co-operate without any intermediaries. And that is the guaranty of originality and some historical details in our plugs.

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