Ear Plugs

    Ear plugs make closed tunnels without holes and are very popular among creative and stylish young people. They are one of the latest innovations on the market of body piercing jewelry. The wearers of ear plugs are sure to stand out from the crowd.

    The body jewelry shop at qpiercing.com is pleased to present you an exclusive and regularly widening collection of the plugs, in which you will find for sure the ear plugs that suit any taste or size. Our plugs vary in materials they are made of, as well as in colors and patterns. Plugs made of plastics will help you to attract attention and to become a hit of any party or a company. Plugs made of steel will be real gems in your ears. If you dont want to look like anybody else, then get yourself a pair of wooden ear plugs. Plugs from our store made of bones are sure to please you with affordable prices and a wide range of models offered. Here you can really buy plugs of high quality. Bones, wood and plastics are the most suitable materials our ear plugs are made of.

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