Piercing Tapers

    Piercing taper fulfills two functions of gradually expanded size of the perforations and retains and extremely aesthetic appearance of their owner. Expand you lobe and your look when your shop contains all sorts of unique tapers. Taper is also made like a creative approaching to the looks of their keeper. They are made different metals such as titanium or high value of gold 750carats, priority silver and others one.

    Our body jewelry shop at qpiercing.com offers you a collection of piercings tapers indifferent colors, materials, sizes, shapes and patterns. Some model of them are also glow in the dark under ultraviolet light. Our catalogues in our QPiercing.com shop is a perfect combinations of minimalism, style and comfort wearing. Our nose rings will increase your personals qualities. Contact us if you are going to have assortment body jewelry just contact and you'll find a huge variety of it.

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