Piercing Supplies & Piercing Tools

    Piercing tools include various clips, clenched and pliers designed for professional skin piercing in beauty parlors. Piercing tools are made of 316L surgical steel which does not rust and is hard, easy to sharpen or to sterilize. Body adornments are also often produced of the same material.Piercing needles are the main piercing tools of a body piercer, which serve for perforation on the human body. All of our piercing needles have a triple laser-made sharpening that provides smoothly cut holes in the skin.

    Piercing clamps are also often used to fix the skin before perforation and thus to make the work of the master easier. Piercing clamps come in different shapes and designs. It depends upon the purpose the piercing clamps are applied for. Piercing tools are reusable and can be subjected to sterilization. For installing of plugs and tunnels special expanders are used. All the implements for perforation must be sterile and, if possible, non reusable.

    You can buy piercing supplies and piercing tools made by leading manufacturers at the best affordable prices in our online store. All piercing tools can be purchased either wholesale or retail.

WARNING: Piercing Tools should be used only by specially trained professionals (piercers) in the piercing parlors.

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