Organic Body Jewelry

    Materials for organic body jewelry are wood, bones, animal horns and ivory. It makes sense to include stones into this group, but they do not come hundred per cent within the definition. These materials are presented in a large set of possible options, but the only identifying characteristic for them is that they all are of natural origin. Almost all the organic body jewelry is made in form of bolts, claws and other bulky objects, which are right for extended and elongated holes especially in the earlobes.

    Although it is not advisable to sterilize body jewelry, organic jewelry it is well worn in healed perforations. Organic body jewelry is less likely to cause allergies in comparison to artificial one and due to its natural "breathing" structure it has good hygienic properties. Organic body jewelry is sensitive to changes in the temperature and humidity. It is not advisable either to soak it out in chemical disinfectants and sterilizing solutions, to take it to the bath or sauna and to expose it to the direct sunlight or very low temperatures for a long time, otherwise the organic jewelry may become deformed or get covered with microcracks.

    We ensure you that our organic body jewelry is made of high quality materials suitable for this purpose. Organic body jewelry does not cause any allergic reactions or other negative consequences. In the body jewelry store at the organic body jewelry can be bought at the most affordable prices. Experiment on your appearance and don't be afraid of radical changes!

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