Organic Body Jewelry

    Organic body jewelry is the one which is made of natural materials; among them are different types of wood, animals and birds bones, some kind of flowers and others. It's have a clue to add stones and minerals into this list, although they not fit like a glove, but still have something in common. Natural materials are particularly used in huge variety options and areas, but the main reason which can be divided from others is there organic origination. The main part of the organically made body jewelry express some natural form, such as form of bolt, claw and other one which remember some parts of its real natural origin. This form perfectly matches and takes the form of our body part.

    Despite their features there are some advices to every keeper of organic jewelry. Do not wash, sterilize or use chemical cleaners while you are looking for your jewelry. It's better to use only provenance of them, otherwise they'll lose their characteristics. Because of their origin, organic body things are less likely to cause medical allergies or different rushes and other medical negative consequences compared to its synthetic surrogate. These features are the aftereffect of structured surface and a corollary of it is the sequence of right hygienically formed process. But this type of jewelry can be effected by even small change in the temperature level and humidity one as well as by any mechanical or chemical influence. This jewelry not for using during sauna bath or swimming as well as while you are laying on the sun. If you break this forbidden it can be shown by some deformation process.

    Catalogues in our shop are full of organic body jewelry offers, and we guarantee the quality, originality, variety of colors and sizes. You needn't to be a big shot for wearing body jewelry, just listen to your heart and call us.

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