Nose Studs, Nose Screws

    Nose screw and stud are drawing attention to either business meetings or at a casual friendly parties. A nose screws or a nose studs are one of the most important elements of the stylish people who live their life extraordinary and in a straight-out way.

    Nose studs are made of the size 1.0mm x 6mm/8mm and Nose crews can be made of the size 1.0mm x 10mm/12mm and these sizes are used for a standard nose piercings types. Such types of nose piercings jewelry things as nose screws and nose studs are differ by their origin but also in the ways they are fixed on the nose. The nose studs have a bead in the forms of a droplet at the ends of accessories, which keep this piece of jewelry on the spot very tiny but original.

    Our body jewelry shop at offers you a collection of nose screw and stud for different types and forms, colors and materials. Our body jewelry shop offers the most reasonable prices.

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