Nose Studs, Nose Screws

    Nose screws and studs draw attention either at a business meeting or at a casual friendly party. A nose screw or a nose stud is one of the most important elements of the style of people who live their life extraordinary and straight-out.

    Nose Studs of the size 1.0mm x 6mm/8mm and Nose Screws of the size 1.0mm x 10mm/12mm are used for a standard nose piercing. Such types of nose piercing jewelry as nose screw and nose stud basically differ only in the way they are fixed on the nose. The nose stud has a bead in the form of a droplet at the end, which keeps this piece of jewelry on the spot, while the "snail" has a twirl, which tightly and securely holds the jewelry at its place. The stud is easy to insert and remove and that is its advantage. But the perforation shouldn't be larger in diameter than the diameter of the jewelry (usually 1 mm). The advantage of the nose screw is that it securely holds in any perforation and does not turn round. It is very important when the adornment is not of a round form.

    Nose screws and studs in the body jewelry shop at are represented in a huge catalog. Among many articles you will find exclusive jewelry for nose piercing. The nose screw or nose stud you like must be a logical continuation of your inner world and harmonious complement your appearance. If you have any questions related to nose screws and nose studs, we will most eagerly answer them!

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