Nose Jewelry

    Nose piercings are one of the widespread kind of piercings all over the world among different ages. Nose rings become taking first positions of top sellers. Nose piercings are the piercings of the skin or cartilage which form any part of your nose, normally for the purpose of wearing different types of the nose wings jewelry. Today society is becoming more liberal to piercings wearing on work.

    For nose piercings jewelry there are some special terms - nostril piercings jewelry. There are two types of these piercings- straight one with a bulged end and of a more complex structured with a hooks at the ends. Nose studs or micro labrets are used for a standard primary piercings of the nose decoration. They are made of different metals such as titanium or high value of gold 750carats and their size is due to the size of 1.0mm x 6mm/8mm. The nose ring and nose screw also can be made of sizes of 1.0mm x 10mm/12mm size can also be used for this type of piercing. Jewelry can be with dimensions of 1.6mm x 8mm/10mm/12mm used for perforating the septum of the nose. All these sizes and types can be found in o our collection of nose rings, as well as our prices policy. Our catalogues in our shop is a perfect combinations of minimalism, style and comfort wearing. Our nose rings will increase your personals qualities. Contact us if you are going to have assortment body jewelry just contact and you'll find a huge variety of it.

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