Nose Rings

    Nose piercing is one more widespread kind of piercing. Nose rings belong to the most popular. Different types of the nose wings perforation look very original, aesthetically pleasing and therefore attract both women and men of all ages. Nose Rings draw attention at business meetings and at friendly get-togethers. Nose rings are important parts of modern and progressive people in style who can think extraordinary and without compromises. Nose piercing jewelry can be of different types: nose screws and nose studs. Nose rings are usually made of surgical steel, silver or gold. In our store you can buy all of them. Nose piercing is beautiful, fashionable and sexy!

    For Nose piercing jewelry there is a special term - nostril piercing jewelry. There are two types of it - straight with a bulge the end and of a more complex structure with a hook. Nostril piercing jewelry of the second type is more durable because it is practically impossible to lose. But in terms of comfort many people prefer simple nose rings without unnecessary details. One way or another, it is up to you which type to choose. Some people prefer a nose ring decorated with a shiny stone, the others choose smooth rings enjoying the beauty of metal. Some buy the rings made of white gold, the others like traditional yellow gold.

    Nose studs or micro labrets are used for a standard primary piercing on the wing of the nose. They are made of titanium or high-rated gold 750 and their size equals 1.0mm x 6mm/8mm. The nose rings and nose screws of 1.0mm x 10mm/12mm size can also be used for this type of piercing. Jewelry with dimensions of 1.6mm x 8mm/10mm/12mm is used for perforating the septum of the nose.

    Our collection of nose rings, as well as our prices, is a perfect combination of minimum, style and comfort. Our nose rings will give you a subtle flavor of sexuality and ease. If you are just going to make piercing on your nose, please, look through our catalog. Hopefully, you will find and buy nose piercing jewelry to your taste.

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