Nipple Rings, Nipple Shields

    Nipple rings belong to the most interesting types of body piercing. Nipple rings and shields will allow you to experience completely new feelings and have a different look at the familiar ones. This type of piercing is commonly used for correction of the nipple shape and is a part of an intimate body piercing. For a standard initial piercing of female or male nipples barbells and rings of the size 1.6mm x 10mm/12mm are used. nipple piercing jewelry of the size 2.0mm (and thicker) x 8mm/10mm/12mm is used at your wish. Nipple rings or nipple shields are usually made of surgical steel, titanium-based alloys and other materials.

    Our catalog will help you to choose Nipple Rings and Nipple Shields which reflect your inner world beginning from the most extreme items to the most modest. If you want to make a really nice surprise for your beloved, come and buy nipple rings or shields in our store it might be a perfect choice, which can bring you the most unforgettable moments of mutual pleasure.

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