Navel Rings

    Navel piercing jewelry things are is also one of the most affordable and a highly effective way of expressing self- confidence, your own individuality and originality. This is also the way of underlining your sexuality as well as just visible pleasure for you. Navel piercing jewelry offers by our shop are the one of different forms, materials of making and techniques.

    We offer you sizes of 1.6mm x 10mm/12mm for a standard variety of navel piercing. There are alos some other sizes of the bananas or belly button rings 1.6mm x 10mm/12mm. A navel piercings (also called belly button piercings or an umbilical dip piercings) are the types of piercings which are located in, or around, the navel of your body.

    Navel piercing jewelry can be made of different variety of materials, such as gold, primary silver 925 carats, titanium and lots of others one, but the main feature of them are surgical steel 316L metal bins.

    Navel rings of our catalog are a perfect combination of stylish and comfortable wearing. You can also remove or put on a navel ring without an effort whenever you need, what is very significant too. In our catalogues are also available some new versions of navel jewelry which is made for those without pierced navels wants, based on the idea of clip-on earrings, there is no need in hole. Just contact with us for further information and making an order.

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