Navel Rings

    Navel piercing jewelry is dead trendy without regard to seasons. It is also one of the most affordable and a highly effective way of expressing your own individuality and originality. In the heat of the summer sun navel rings underline your sexuality. And in the winter cold they will be a pleasant and unexpected surprise for your friends in the fitness club or at a friendly get-together. You will be surprised at the variety of designer articles in our body jewelry shop, where we have practically everything - from classical navel rings and navel bars to the most extraordinary choices.

    For a standard initial perforation of navel piercing the bananas or belly button rings with dimensions of 1.6mm x 10mm/12mm are used. Adornments like "dangling navel rings" or adornments with large torn edges (in form of a flower, for example) are not suitable for the initial piercing. During the pregnancy it is recommended to change the adornment to a barbell made of PTFE - flexible teflon of 1.6mm x 16mm/18mm size. All the articles displayed in section navel piercing jewelry are made of silver 925 carats fine, and the pin in the perforation hole - of surgical steel 316L.

    Navel rings from our catalog are a perfect combination of style and comfort when wearing. You can also remove or put on a navel ring without an effort whenever you need, what is very important too. Buy the navel rings in our online store and we guarantee you high quality products thanks to reliable and proven suppliers, who use the most advanced technologies and safe materials and offer affordable wholesale prices at the same time.

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