Male Piercing Jewelry

    The man who wears genital piercing can bring much more sexual pleasure to his female partner. Male genital piercing is quite diverse - the men can have the skin of their penis balanus pierced both vertically or horizontally or have the piercing a la Prince Albert, when the ring goes through the urethra. Or even more - they can very often have the skin of their testicles or the frenulum of the penis pierced. For intimate male piercing PA (a la Prince Albert) rings, barbells, or horseshoes of the size1.6mm x 16mm/18mm are used. Jewelry of the size 2.0mm (and thicker) x 14mm/16mm is also applied when desired.

    The beads without threading and thru holes (of the rings) of the size 5mm and 6mm are used as implants for male genital piercing. Healing time and care is the same as that of the female piercing. There is only one difference - the purpose of the male piercing is to significantly increase the female sexual feelings. The body jewelry shop at can help you to create a luxurious accent on your masculine strength. Here you can find the original Male genital jewelry of all kinds for male genital piercing such as Prince Albert, Ampallang, Apadravya, Dydoes and Frenum. Genital jewelry is easy to purchase and the result will exceed all your expectations. Come to our online store and try it! And don't forget that the male genital piercing should be done only by the professionals.

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