Lip Rings

Lip rings are one of the most ways of self -expressions for young modern and progressive people, whose standards and extraordinary are on the top level of conscious. The category of body jewelry shop at contains the most original and interesting types of lip rings. All the pieces are shown by such lip piercing jewelry as lip rings, lip studs and labret studs which are made of high quality metals, such as colored gold, titanium, acrylic and 316L surgical stainless steel as well as plastic and silver one.

Labret stud widely has the size of 1.6mm x 8mm/10mm and are made of titanium or plastic and priority using of it is simple lip piercings. You can use other size of 1.6mm x 12mm/14mm for lip rings. Our lip rings are the combining of lower prices and high value like other lip jewelry. Choosing some lip rings at our online shop is a perfect choice for people who highly appreciate quality, convenience and their own style of life. It also should be marked that for example bottom lip piercing jewelry can bring you fresh feelings while kissing. That is why lip rings, lip studs and labret studs are especially popular among young people today. Buy lip rings wear both young ladies and guys without any sexual differences.

The most spread category from our shop are the monroe piercing jewelry. Monroe piercing is one of the labret-types, but the cool lip piercing jewelry for monroe piercing have a smaller length as a rule. In our online shop there are lots of piercings which demand every taste and pocket. Variety of simple models changed by complicated one makes our shop the only one in the world.

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