Labret Jewelry

    Labrets are one form of body piercings types. Taken literally point, it is any type of adornment that is attached to the lip (labrum). Labret jewelry things makes kinds of barbells with caps at one end and a screwing off beads at the other one ends. Both the beads and the caps can be decorated with rhinestones or patterns or other decoration elements. Despite the fact that labrets are traditionally refer to inserted lips (classical styles, medusa-likes, Monroe or Madonna styles), they can also be used in decorations of tongue, cheeks, ears and even nose piercing as well. You can have labret piercing jewelry in any place where you can wear a barbells but the only the right selection of the length of the jewelry is the main reason of it.

    Labret studs can be placed in vertically, horizontally or in angle-wise way. The standard sizes of a labrets and studs are with the pins of 1.6 mm thick and 6-20 mm long. Also there are some more smaller one. Labret stud has a flat back plate that sits flashy with the skin.

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