Labret Jewelry

    Labret jewelry makes a kind of a barbell with a cap at one end and a screwing off bead at the other end. Both the bead and the cap can be decorated with rhinestones or patterns. Despite the fact that labret studs are traditionally inserted into the perforations of lips (classical style, medusa-like, Monroe or Madonna), they can also be used in tongue, cheeks, ears and even nose piercing. You can have labret piercing jewelry in any place where you can wear a barbell but the only problem is the right selection of the length of the jewelry.

    Labret studs can be placed vertically, horizontally or angle-wise. The standard size of a labret stud is with the pin 1.6 mm thick and 6-20 mm long. Sometimes it is necessary to use a micro-version of the labret with the stud 1-1.2 mm thick. Labrets are made of various materials. Glamor lovers prefer jewelry made of gold, silver or platinum. Labrets made of titanium have the most antiallergenic properties. The most widespread are Labret studs made of surgical steel. In our catalog you will find labrets of high quality at affordable prices, which meet all the established hygienic regulations. Original jewelry can harmoniously complement your stylish appearance!

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