Female Piercing Jewelry

    The conceptions behind female genital piercings (as with those for men) are to enhance. The common placements which are described below do not prevent sexual activities or even help it; they are meant to stimulate and arouse. These enhancements are also placed to call attention to the ornamented areas and foster beauty, appreciation, and enjoyment.

    Catalogues in our QPiercing.com contains different sizes for the vulvar lips and for clitoral hood piercing and colors of 1.6mm x 10mm/12mm and for the rest classical types piercing of the clitoris the micro barbells, micro bananas and circular barbells of the size 1.0mm x 6mm/8mm are used. Orgasms are more frequently while you are having female genital jewelry wearing. Also catalogues in our shop offers some kind of bright and unusual female genital jewelry with gems or rhinestones as well as some metal one. Clit jewelry or vaginal jewelry are both have some specific names as: Inner Labia, Outer Labia, Hood, Clitoris. Also there are some different forms of female genital jewelry. And one of the most popular nowadays is triangle piercings which are one of several forms of female genital piercing. The piercings pass from side to side, beneath the base of the clitoral hood tissue and it will make your sexual life more interesting. Contact with us for other information and making your right choice.

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