Female Piercing Jewelry

    Female genital jewelry can turn into a perfect tease for men you might have never dreamed of. After all a little ring in the most intimate part of your body may attract the attention of your male partner for a long time and strengthen the sexual feelings. As a rule the clitoris or the bend over it are pierced. Genital jewelry allows you to give your body new bright colors and to make it more attractive in the eyes of your partner. Clit jewelry or vaginal jewelry, as well as the usual body jewelry, are designed to adorn you, but they are mainly worn on the genitals. The woman with genital piercing jewelry enhances male sexual pleasure and experiences orgasms more frequently. She also has an increased desire for sex. For a standard initial piercing of the clitoris the micro barbells, micro bananas and circular barbells of the size 1.0mm x 6mm/8mm are used. Jewelry of the size 1.6mm x 10mm/12mm is used for piercing of the vulvar lips and for clitoral hood piercing. You can also make multiple perforation of the vulvar lips.

    So, why shouldn't you try something bright and unusual using female genital jewelry with gems or rhinestones? Clit jewelry or vaginal jewelry is a great way of sexual self-expression. And you don't have to be afraid because with female genital piercing you can not only diversify your sexual life, but also make it more saturated and unforgettable. The body jewelry shop atqpiercing.com can help you to add a luxurious accent to your female benefits. Here you can choose unique female genital jewelry for all types of female genital piercing: Inner Labia, Outer Labia, Hood, Clitoris. Genital jewelry is easy to buy and the result will exceed all your expectations. Come to our online shop and try it! And don't forget that the female genital piercing should be done only by the professionals.

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