Eyebrow Rings

    One of the most widespread piercing jewelry is fashionable eyebrow one. It is affordable, simple but at the same times a highly effective and expensive less but the way of expressing your own individuality and self-expressions. You can use it any time of the year without any loses of eyebrow rings emphasizes on your style and charm so that you will not be still very popular and extraordinarily character. Eyebrow piercings refer to some kinds of vertically (some very common type) or horizontally types of piercing of the eyebrows. Irrespective of where they are pierced and the way of its pierced, it cannot be used for orientations of guessing someone’s sexual orientations.

    Eyebrow piercings typically contain some adornments of eyebrows like curved barbells and eyebrow rings. Catalogues in our QPiercing.com contains different sizes for this type of piercings (1.0mm x 10mm/12mm) and other ones. There are some curved barbells and eyebrow rings of the sicker size of 1.6mm x 10mm/12mm are also offered by our shop. We guarantee that your piercing completely not touchable and protection against injuries. Catalogues in our QPiercing.com contains also some most popular materials for production of eyebrow jewelry are yellow and white gold, stainless steel, titanium, bioplast, acrylic and others one.

    You can find also both curved barbell and eyebrow ring. These types of piercing jewelry are very stylish and comfortable when wearing them. In our shop there are a huge variety of eyebrow piercings. And you don't need to spend lots of time for coming and buying the eyebrow rings, in our online shop you need only few seconds to make an order and we guarantee you highly qualify of products because we have to do only with reliable and proven suppliers, who use the most advanced technologies and safe materials in their production.

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