Ear Rings

    Ear piercing jewelry things are mostly used by teenagers and are widespread because of their looking from quite a different angle. Typically standard initial piercings made in the lobe or cartilage of the ear, are also called industrially one, you can use practically any type of jewelry, such as ear rings, ear studs, tunnels etc. Despite some variety of micro barbell and ring jewelry is one of 1.0mm x 8mm/10mm/12mm sizes. Looking from side, titanium barbell can also be of 1.6mm x 30mm/35mm/40mm size and they are more suitable for industrial piercings.

    Catalogues in our QPiercing.com contains ear rings, ear studs, ear bars, ear plugs, ear tunnels and many other adornment types are at your disposal in a huge assortment of. If you are looking for an extraordinary, originally ear ring than you must be sure that you will find them in the catalog of our body jewelry shop and we can guarantee this. And our shop is a chance of buying earrings for reasonable prices with us. Moreover, catalogues in our QPiercing.com shop contains both men and women jewelry. Also this is the place where you can find stylish and fashionable models for young people. There are really trendy and unusual ear rings made of different materials and forms as well as minerals and colors. For example, ear piercing jewelry can be made of acryl, titanium, gold, 316L surgical stainless steel are very popular with our customers. Also there are some models with modern an expensive stones.

    Still, you can chose the own form and type of body piercings which will be suitable just for you. Catalogues in our QPiercing.com offers not only variety of types but also reasonable prices.

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