Ear Rings

    Ear piercing jewelryis the most widespread but we are looking at it from quite a different angle. For a standard initial piercing in the lobe or cartilage of the ear, or so called industrial, you can use practically any jewelry: ear rings, ear studs, tunnels etc. In fact, even the ordinary navel piercing items look especially striking in the earlobe. Micro barbells and rings of 1.0mm x 8mm/10mm/12mm could better be used after perforation of the tragus and internal ear cartilage. On the other hand, titanium barbells with dimensions of 1.6mm x 30mm/35mm/40mm are more suitable for industrial piercing.

    If you want to create yourself a vivid image, our body jewelry shop can help you. ear rings, ear studs, ear bars, ear plugs, ear tunnels and many other adornments are at your disposal in a huge assortment. Are you looking for an extraordinary ear ring? Be sure you will find them in the catalog of our body jewelry shop. And you really have a chance to buy earrings at affordable prices with us. Moreover, we sell ear rings both for men and women in this section.

    One can say for sure that ear rings are favorite adornments of modern men and women. Nowadays ear jewelry is part and parcel of stylish and fashionable young people. In the store at qpiercing.com you will find really trendy and unusual ear rings made of different materials. For example, ear piercing jewelry made of acryl, titanium, gold, 316L surgical stainless steel are very popular with our customers. Here you will also find diamond ear rings for people who appreciate the real style and follow the latest trends in the fashion world.

    Ear tunnels, which can be purchased in our online store, might become, so to say, the icing on the cake - a trifle, that will turn into vivid expression of your unique individuality. All you need is to buy ear plugs. Just simply choose a model you like and make an order. Buy ear piercing jewelry from our collection and make the others believe you are the one to follow.

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