Curved Barbells

    One of the barbells types, which are look like a curved bar with some tips at the ends. This kind of jewelry has some very popular types. Among them are navel curves, banana barbells and bent barbells. Actually, every type only shows the curve among others. Our shop the has a huge catalogue of curved barbells. We offer not only productions made of different materials but also a huge variety of colors and forms, the same as different minerals and stones.

    Curved barbells from our shop the can be used in lots of body parts, like eyebrows, ears and navel. You can use it like the part of intimate decoration but it is not so popular and widespread. In our models we use surgical steel, which guarantee safety of wearing. Also every curved barbell has a certification of quality, in spite of the material which is made of, the mineral which was used. For further information of for answering your questions contact with us by phone or email and we will be glad to help you to make order or just given a consultation.

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