Curved Barbells

    Curved barbells, which are very comfortable to wear, have a curved form with small tips at the both ends. There are several names for the curved barbells that you may have heard. Some of them include navel curves, banana barbells, and bent barbells. All of these names though reflect the fact that there is a curve in these pieces of jewelry.

    The curved barbells are primarily used for eyebrow piercing. But they are also applied for navel and ears piercing as well as for piercing of the other parts of the body. Intimate body piercing with bent barbells is no less popular. They are made of various metals, but the most used material is surgical steel. This type of jewelry for body piercing can also be made of gold, silver or plastic.

    In our catalog you will find a large collection of curved barbells of different styles and colors with acrylic caps. Look thoroughly and find banana barbells to your likings in our Body Jewelry Shop. We guarantee that our Curved Barbells for piercing are of high quality and they will be a pleasure to wear for a long time with a properly done piercing.

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