Circular Barbells

    Very popular and widespread type of body piercing is circular barbell. It has something in common with a ring, but the same time they are different. Circular barbell looks like the half-moon. Our shop the contains a huge amount of options made from first class silver and gold, acrylic and titanium, surgical steel and platinum or other materials. Also we have lots of size and colors for you to choose. Circular barbells can be used in different body parts, like eyebrows, ears, nose and others. Circular barbells can be used like an intimate jewelry.

    If you are looking the way to unusual self-expression then circular barbell body piercing is just what you need. You don't need to have head for figures, we'll do it instead, just call us or email. Our shop the QPiercing is created to help you not loosing time and saving money. If you order our circular barbell body piercings we can be sure about certificated and highly leveled production which will have any negative consequences for you, like allergic reaction or medical infection.

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