Circular Barbells

    Circular barbells have a bend in them that is similar to a ring. However, they feature an opening at both ends. They are available in the form of a horseshoe, and they are also called horseshoe barbells. Circular barbells work well for many areas of the body. This includes the eyebrows, nipples, ears, and etc. There are a variety of sizes in terms of diameter offered with the horseshoe barbells. This makes it very easy for anyone to use them for their different piercing styles and overall look they want to achieve. There are beads on the barbells and they can be threaded to a given range. This allows there to be beads for the single horseshoe shaped bar.

    The popularity of circular barbell jewelry has to do with the many areas of the body that they can be used for. In addition to those already mentioned they can also be used for piercings in the genital areas. They are available in a variety of different metals. This includes surgical grade steel, gold (both white and yellow), titanium, and acrylic.

    In the latest collections offered by our body jewelry shop horseshoe barbells are on sale in a huge variety. If you have decided to buy а Circular Barbell, the online shop at will eagerly help you. Once delivered to our store the circular barbells are thoroughly tested. And it is our guarantee that you will be pleased for quite a long time with the adornment you have chosen and it will not lose its shine.

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