Captive Bead Rings

    Captive bead ring (CBR) aka ball closure ring (BCR) offer a ball that is enclosed in a ring. This circle is created through the use of wire. The bead is what looks like the ball and it is through the wire. You will notice that the diameter of the wire is smaller were the bead fits. This secures it in place so that it cant move or fall off. Sometimes the bead that looks like a ball will be made from a type of colored glass or gemstone. Captive bead rings can be used on many areas of the body too include the naval, nipples, lips, eyebrows, and tongue. The size of the piece of ball closure ring will depend on where you place the piercing and the overall look you want from it.

    You can be assured when you use captive bead rings that they are secure and they wont fall. CBR arent going to catch on clothing or the hair either as they have a closed shape to them. There are a variety of materials captive ring is offered in. They include titanium, gold (white and yellow), acrylic, steel, and crystal.

    You will be pleased to see a huge variety of captive bead rings of different styles and colors in our online store. Everybody can find a ball closure ring to his or her liking. We can ensure you that all of our rings for body piercing are of high quality and will make you happy for a long time after a properly done piercing.

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