Lobe of the ear piercing care manual

ear piercing1. Do not put off earring in a course of 1, 5 months (4-6 weeks) after a piercing. Healing of a channel takes place during this period.

2. It is not advisable to wash your head, visit a pool, sauna,

Medical Classic Piercing

body piercingNowadays, a piercing does not belong to a group of something not acceptable by a population. Men and women, grandmothers and grandfathers do not look with horror, exclamation or moaning at passing by young people with punctured noses, lips, eyebrows

Body Piercing Place And What They Do

Have you been pondering of obtaining pierced you are perhaps a tiny intimidated and also have some questions? I’ll go through some of your queries i achieve requested most normally about piercing and figure art, to provide you a greater

Body Piercing Jewellery Review

Body piercing is an time honored practice that has exploded as a modern way to express individuality, enhance appearance, provide sexual pleasure, or as part of religious or spiritual rites. The the whole idea for piercing are as varied as

Body Piercing Things to Think About

Body piercing has become very popular of late, from noses to genitals. But it’s not as new as some may think.

There are many different styles and variations to choose from. All have different pain levels and aftercare procedures. Research

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