"lip piercing"

Lip Piercings

lip ringThe most popular version of lip piercing is the piercing in the centre of the lower lip. However, it is not necessary to be obsessed with this version. It is possible to get a piercing to the left or to

Labret Piercing Jewelry

A labret is a piercing that is attached below the lower lip, above the chin.Also known as the “Mao” (because it looks like the mole above Mao Zedong’s chin), the jewelry used in the labret is usually a labret stud,


Facial PiercingsThe most common facial piercings—both in contemporary society and historically—are oral piercings, or piercings of the mouth and lips, and nose piercings. Today, however, there is a wide range of facial piercings that do not involve the nose or

Expensive titanium and cheap gold necklaces

     Titanium, though really light is supposed to become the hardest metal occurring naturally.It’s stronger than the steel as far as the hardness is concerned. It has lustrous grey color and it has cent percent hypoallergenic traits which means that this