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Lobe of the ear piercing care manual

ear piercing1. Do not put off earring in a course of 1, 5 months (4-6 weeks) after a piercing. Healing of a channel takes place during this period.

2. It is not advisable to wash your head, visit a pool, sauna,

Gold Belly Rings – A Good First Piercing

jennifer-ellison-and-belly-button-piercing-gallerySometimes such simple matter as making piercing grows into a real problem. Imagine, you are choosing what part of body to pierce, what will you choose? Most likely it will be a lobe of the ear. Really, most women today

Ear Piercing – Types

ear ringsOnce that the conventional piercing has expanded to areas other than the inferior lobe, there are various types of earrings that are presently in great demand. Here are presented some of the most fashionable.

•  Lobes. The bottom

History of Jewelry

jewelryJewelry refers to the use of metals, beads, glass, bone, wood, shells, or stones to adorn the body, and has been worn by men or women (or both) in every known society throughout the world. Jewelry is typically created with

The Art of Buying Pearl Earrings

Buying pearl earrings isnt merely about finding the most expensive item on sale. You could pay an exorbitant amount of money for a pair for pearl earrings and still end up with one that your loved one doesnt find attractive
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