Medical Classic Piercing

body piercingNowadays, a piercing does not belong to a group of something not acceptable by a population. Men and women, grandmothers and grandfathers do not look with horror, exclamation or moaning at passing by young people with punctured noses, lips, eyebrows and other parts of the body. Moreover, a piercing still happens to be something fashionable. It is not a secret for anybody that hundreds of teenagers, girls and young people dream about the cherished puncture and think where they should do it, so it would be stylish, not like everybody else has and look nice.

In case, if you already made your decision for this not at all ordinary step then read carefully the following text. Do you have an obtrusive idea in your mind? Do you think that if you would not get a piercing tomorrow you will never get it at all? However, remember that you never should rush with a piercing. You should think it over well (I understand that if you crave for something it is difficult to think but still try it).

Body Jewelry

14k-gold-plated-belly-ring-with-dangling-black-heart-circle-and-red-gemNow, we will talk about a body jewelry. It should be made of an implantation surgical and non-rusting alloy (that is medical steel with a proper labeling) niobium or more contemporary material Bioplast (it is not allergic and is great for faster healing). Remember that silver and gold is good only for the ear piercing.

If a piercing is done observing all rules, most of the people would almost not have blood coming out. With the correct puncturing you would not have main nerves, arteries or veins to be touched.

Healing Process

Healing process of a piercing takes different ways. It depends of a puncture place, health of an individual and you taking care of your wound. Besides that, it depends of jewel ware quality. Do not forget that it is necessary to take care and control thoroughly after your wound after a piercing. Usually, there is yellow liquid called lymph comes out of a spot where a puncture was done. It may harden on a ring and that is why it is for sure needs to be cleaned regularly. It should be done by the wad moisten in a special solution. You should clean a ring and a piercing twice a day. By no chance do not remove a body jewelry out from a wound that did not healed over, since it may promote an infection; do not touch a piercing spot excessively, and do not remove an incrustation of your wound. Besides that you should remember that various psychotropic substances, alcohol, not getting enough sleep, stress have an influence on the process of healing.

black-coated-jeweled-star-navel-ring-with-dangling-stars-on-chainsBody piercing should be done by a specialist in a tattoo salon: you would get your body jewelry sterilized and a consultation there. Local anesthesia is applied seldom and by a wish of a client if a puncture will be done in very sensitive spots. The process itself takes seconds but a preparation for it is prolonged. There is a necessity to sterilize a body jewelry in an autoclave or using a special solution. A piercing is done only by disposal prickles. A specialist works with disposal medical gloves. Marking for a decoration is done depending of a piercing spot. Preparing a spot for a puncture it should be treated beforehand.

Several No’s for all punctures:

Do not use cheap, sub quality, uncertified materials for the first time piercing.
Do not change a body jewelry until the total healing of a puncture
Do not twist a body jewelry during the healing time (this way you would peel off new tissue inside a channel and promote an infection of your wound).
Do not rinse a piercing by means that are not for antiseptic treatment. For mouth cavity you should use antiseptics for rinsing (for example, Stomatidin). For the external piercing you should use solutions Cholroksidin or Miramistina.
Do not use old recipes of healing (spirit, peroxide of hydrogen, infusions of herbs etc.)
Do not steam a piercing out and do not bathe in an open pool during the healing period.

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