Belly Button Piercing Recommendations

belly button piercingWe can say that in the present time belly button piercing is still one of the most popular, esthetically beautiful and sexual kind of piercings.

Especially sexy and beautiful belly button piercing looks on slim girls with a nice body. This can be even seen as some kind of self expression for young people.

About belly button piercing

It is impossible to imagine a modern woman of fashion without a twinkling jewelry in the centre of her belly, especially if a belly of a beautiful is worthy of showing it off. Dear girls, if you have some short tops, an 14K solid yellow gold navel ring with winged heart-shaped CZ and two dangling gemsamazing undershirt or a fancy T-shirt in your cupboard then you may decorate your belly button with such accessory, if of course you do not have belly button piercing yet. I think that I will not be mistaken saying that the most of photo models, pop stars and actresses acquired that fancy “thing” a long time ago. Belly button piercing without a doubt will supplement your image and adds eccentricity to it. There are various types of belly button piercing: vertical wholes for bars and rings, also popular become double and triple piercings. Piercing is done in an upper wrinkle of a belly button skin. A version of belly button piercing itself is possible as well, but it is quite rare since in such cases tissue of a stickled out belly button is punctured.

Belly button piercing. Recommendations

14K Gold Belly Ring with Gorgeous Flower Cluster with Genuine DiamondsLength of the operation itself is only a minute. Right after belly button piercing, usually a bar made of surgical steel is inserted and specialists recommend not taking it off until total healing of piercing. It is not recommended to do sport activities for some time after the operation, because of a high probability of sweat drops to get into a puncture, which may cause undesirable problems during healing time. Generally speaking doctors suggest watching a piercing carefully in order not to get anything into it. It is important to say that in most cases a healing process is a bit painful, that is why in the first days after a puncture, it is not recommended to do any abrupt movements with your body or to bend. Small irritations are possible in a puncture spot. The reason for it may be too tight cloth, that is why try to  homecoming dresses lightly and freely. 

Who is not allowed to get a piercing?

-          People who have intensification of any chronic illness. (in such case before making  belly button piercing it is necessary to get a consultation with your doctor)

-          In case of a high temperature or any other ailment

-          People with bad blood coagulability

-          In case of an allergy reaction for Anastasia medicine

During healing time it is also not recommended to swim in open pools or to go to a bathhouse. We insistently recommend refusing from a prolonged rest on the sun and also from a solarium visitation. In case if your belly button festered anyway, you should not take a ring out. It is good enough only to disinfect a festered spot with an antiseptic solution. In case if that would not help and belly button will be festering even more go to a doctor. Healing time depends of your immune system and it may take from three to six months. In rare cases this period may get stretched up to 12 months.

Watch your health and keep rules of personal hygiene and you would not have any problems with belly button piercing.  Be attentive and take care of your piercing.

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