11 points about the piercing

Point 1. The most popular body parts for piercing are the ears, tongue and navel. This is because these areas are the least painful and are in sight. Piercing of the nasal septum or nipple of the breast brings more discomfort because these places have more nerve endings. Unfortunately, nipples, a navel and eyebrows are long healing. Sometimes the process of rehabilitation takes six months.

Point 2. Tattooing and piercing are not allowed to do at home.

Point 3. If you are under 18, your parents must give the consent for the body piercing.

Point 4. Best thing to do the piercing in a cold season, because a dust increases the risk of inflammation and an excessive sweating slows the healing. The best during the fall – then in the human body is a sufficient amount of vitamins.

Point 5. During the rehabilitation do not remove the decoration of the lips or tongue, as the hole will be healed very quickly, sometimes within an hour.

Point 6. The piercing doing by a good master takes about a minute, namely piercing – tenths of a second. But people have different so-called the pain threshold. For someone a benevolent conversation and relaxed atmosphere can be enough, and someone needs an anesthesia. This is the customer’s choice.

Point 7. A pistol used only for piercing ears and nose wings. That’s all. Therefore, if you will be offered quickly and painlessly pierce any other part of the body with this tool (such as navel) in the beauty salon, does not agree and quickly leave this place.

Point 8. Earrings should be made only from the surgical stainless steel (so-called medical steel), titanium. You can take advantage of new earrings “Bioplast”. Never buy Chinese-made jewelry – that earrings are made of food steel with additives of nickel, the body does not perceive, besides a few days they lose their luster, and the stones fall out. Attention, silver and gold can be inserted only in completely healed piercings.

Point 9. Before surgery the jewelry should be sterilized and a piercing place should be treated with antiseptics. Please ensure that the master during the whole operation was in disposable gloves.

Point 10. First ask about the experience of the piercing master. Arrange him a sort of test: How long is salon working? How is the sterilization of instruments conducting? What kind of the earrings he can offer you? Salon, which you decide to trust your own body for, must have a directory of the jewelry with the specified quality certificate for earrings. Note: body ewelry must be from surgical steel grade 316L. Make sure that a master uses only disposable sterile needles and only sterile instruments. Ask if you can after piercing visit to the master for consulting.

Point 11. Remember: an open wound can easily get an infection. So try not to touch by the hands the skin around the piercing, do not apply any creams or lotions. During the wound healing you should not visit the pool, sauna and solarium. Better to take a shower rather than a bath, and as soon as possible. The location of the piercing you should wash with 3% hydrogen peroxide 2-3 times a day. Attention! If you have a predisposition to allergies, blood clotting or diabetes – the piercing is not for you.

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