Nose piercing. Recommendations. Aftereffects.

nose piercing

Nose’s wing piercing is quite popular among teenagers, girls and women and is on the first place among other types of nose piercing. This kind of piercing is very simple in performance and does not cause any problems for a

Lip Piercings

lip ringThe most popular version of lip piercing is the piercing in the centre of the lower lip. However, it is not necessary to be obsessed with this version. It is possible to get a piercing to the left or to

Belly Button Piercing – How Is It Safe?

navel piercingYou would not surprise anybody with the ear piercing; however, belly button with a ring would not be shocking for anyone as well. Nevertheless, if earrings are something traditional and usual, punctures on the other parts of the body is

Belly Button Piercing Recommendations

belly button piercingWe can say that in the present time belly button piercing is still one of the most popular, esthetically beautiful and sexual kind of piercings.

Especially sexy and beautiful belly button piercing looks on slim girls with a nice body.