Nose piercing. Recommendations. Aftereffects.

nose piercing

Nose’s wing piercing is quite popular among teenagers, girls and women and is on the first place among other types of nose piercing. This kind of piercing is very simple in performance and does not cause any problems for a piercing master.Piercer does a puncture of nose’s wing and inserts jewelry, which looks like a special vint. 




How to make wing of the nose piercing at home?

Titanium nose screw with 2mm ball, 18 gaThis type of nose piercing may be done at home if there is such a strong desire for that. Of course, if you love extremes and not afraid of any aftereffects. There is a risk, even though it is not very high, since there are few blood vessels on the nose’s wings. Get ready everything what is necessary beforehand: wad, spirit or any other antiseptic things, gloves, of course piercing itself and a needle for puncturing. It is much better to get a whole system in a drugstore; however, make sure that it has the same diameter as a nose ring. Everything should be sterile and disinfected before the procedure, like in a surgery room. Piercing procedure itself is simple: treat a puncture spot with antiseptic, turn up a nostril as much as possible, so its fastener would be inside and along the wall later on. Raise a needle to the inner side and puncture fast. Then nose jewelry should be inserted into a catheter, which is removed afterwards. That is it, a nose ring or whatever you chose is on its place. Now everything should be cleaned and checked thoroughly, so fasteners would be twisted as it should be and you would not inhale a fastener while smelling a fragrance of perfumes.

Nose Piercing Procedure

Nose piercing. Aftereffects. Contradictions. Recommendations.

14K solid yellow gold nose bone with 2mm clear CZ and 7mm lengthPiercing is contradicted if there is a probability of colloid formations on a wounds’ spot e.g. if there is a probability, of tissue in a shape of “beads” or a “hoop,” formation around or near jewelry. It is actually impossible to reveal this probability right away. Healing of colloid scars is also problematic.
It is forbidden to get a piercing with any blood pathology or diseases that influence blood and its coagulability. Those are: hepatitis, diabetes and leukemia. Another reason to avoid piercing is allergy for metals. In such case it is possible to try inserting jewelry made of gold of high proof or Titan.
It is dangerous to get piercing with diseases of heart, kidneys, bronchial asthma, arthritis and other skin diseases. Shock during piercing may be a reason of a heart’s muscle spasm, or promote the asthmatic attack. The most frequent complications after piercing are edema and local infection. The most dangerous infection is the one, which may lead to abscess or even to blood infection. In case of infection it is necessary to go to a doctor right away and start antiseptic compresses” – twice a day for 5 minutes applying a wad with antiseptic solution from inside and outside of the wound. Good effects have antiseptic ointments, for example levomikol or tetraceklin.

Nose Piercing Care
Lymph comes out from the wound practically all the time, which is not a symptom of infection or piercing rejection. It is necessary to clean lymph periodically with a wad soaked in salt solution or with hydrogen peroxide. In case of redness or transparent liquid discharge it is necessary to go to a doctor. It is not recommended to take jewelry out until total healing over of the wound, because it may cause a channel infection. During the first week you should move jewelry periodically in the forming channel. Also, it is not recommended to apply any cream or powder, take a bath in open pools, take a bath or visit sauna during this healing period. In order not to lose your jewelry be careful during rhinitis.

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