Thoughts About Navel Piercings

white-gold-belly-ringsIf you are thinking about what kind of jewelery to choose for navel piercing, consider belly rings made from white gold. Such rings look very nice; they are rather special and elegant. But there are some points, which you are to take into consideration before buying white gold belly rings.

The first and the most important thing you should be aware of is that some belly rings made of white gold can be allergenic. This is because they are never made of solid gold – usually manufacturers alloy several metals in order to make belly rings stronger and more durable.

White Gold Belly Rings: Pros and Cons

An unusual white colour, for example, is obtained with the help of nickel. But while this metal gives a noble beautiful colour to belly rings, it can be hazardous for our health. It is important to consider that nickel is more often used in cheaper and lower-qualitative rings. That’s why, you would better spent a little more14k-solid-white-gold-tummytoys-belly-sleeper-ring-with-blue-sapphire-paved-gems-14-gamoney and buy a higher-quality ring, which doesn’t contain any hazardous substances. More expensive white gold belly rings usually contain Palladium instead of nickel.

Those who have just made navel piercing are not recommended to wear even high-quality white gold belly rings. If your piercing has not completely healed yet, you may get an infection wearing such a ring. That’s why it is better to wait for awhile, until your piercing is healed.

Wide Assortment of White Gold Belly Rings

Today one can find a wide assortment of white gold belly rings on sale. Such rings have a lot of advantages over other types: they are relatively inexpensive, they look noble, elegant and dainty. It doesn’t matter much what style you prefer – rings made from white gold will suit almost everybody. But in any case, be aware of cheap rings containing nickel and try to choose higher-qualitative ones.

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