Hot Belly Button Rings This Summer

navel piercingSummer is not far off already, and now it is high time to think about how you will look in the upcoming season. One of the best ways to show off the beauty of your body and draw attention to your perfect figure is a neat, beautiful belly button piercing. But beware that if you want to pierce your navel, you would better consider it beforehand. And there are several reasons for this.




Several Reasons for Your Belly Button Piercing

First, you will have to wait for some time until this small hole in your belly button is healed completely. It is especially important if you are going to seaside. The matter is that salted sea water will irritate your non-healed piercing, while bacteria that live in this water may cause an infection. That is why it’s not recommended to pierce body just before going to the beach.

navel-ring-with-epoxy-striped-ballsSecond problem is connected mostly with the types of belly button rings. While your piercing is being healed, you must treat it very carefully. For example, you may occasionally catch a belly ring with clothes and pull it, which is rather painful. That is why, try not to choose a dangling belly button jewelry for the first experience, as it is more likely to be caught with your sweater. Instead you may buy a simple gold stud and wear it until the hole in the belly button is healed. Also you’d better wear loose-fitting clothes at first, because very tight tops and jackets may irritate your piercing as well or even cause an allergic reaction or infection, which can be dangerous for your health.

The signs of infecting are skin reddening and itching, inflammation and sometimes even a fever. All this can also mean that your organism is rejecting a foreign body that a belly ring is. So, if after the piercing you have any of these symptoms, you are to visit a doctor immediately. As a rule, specialists can easily stop the infection. But if the things don’t become better for a long time, you would better try to change you belly button ring, or put if off completely.

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