Lip Piercings

lip ringThe most popular version of lip piercing is the piercing in the centre of the lower lip. However, it is not necessary to be obsessed with this version. It is possible to get a piercing to the left or to the right of the lip. Also, it is possible to get an original “foresight” above the upper lip – to the left, to the right or at the centre.

Besides that, it is possible to get a piercing of the lip itself. Simplicity and painlessness do not belong to this type of piercing. Such piercings should be done only by the experienced master. These piercing heal over with complication, and rejections happen often.

It is quite difficult to take care about such piercing during its healing period. It is necessary to be careful during meals trying not to touch jewelry with a spoon or a fork. You would have to forget a habit of licking your lips over. It is forbidden to use a lipstick (at least with a straight setting). The saddest thing here is that you would have to forget about kisses.

However, such piercing may look very esthetical (of course, if to choose suitable lip rings). Small glitter stones would decorate you better than any lip’s glitter. A lip ring may look quite nice here as well.

Very interesting is the piercing of the upper and the lower lip’s bridle. Lip piercing jewelry would be noticeable only when you smile. This is more original and safe than a brilliant inserted into a tooth.

It is possible to piercing not only lips but cheeks as well. Such procedure is more painful. However, the result of it may be very interesting. Shining piercing stones in dimples of cheeks look splendidly.

Lip Jewelry

14k gold spiral barbell w round cz diamondLip jewelry, which are used for the lip piercing should be made of hypo allergic material. Most of the times, titan is used for this type of piercing. With the lip piercing, very fancy is an insertion of small diameter lip rings. It is thought that such lip piercing jewelry makes lips sexy and attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex people. However, in order for the insertion of such lip jewelry not to give you big problems with teeth, it is necessary to insert a lip ring such way that its inner side would be equally between teeth. Otherwise, there is a danger of teeth’s enamel wreckage during its contact with piercing jewelry.

It is very important to choose right jewelry for the lip piercing. Problems may appear with a wrong selection of length, diameter and form of jewelry. Therefore, when choosing lip rings, get a consultation from a master. A lot of girls want to have lip jewelry with a small stone. However, lip heals over badly with such lip ring; therefore, it is better to wait a month and then change lip piercing jewelry for the one you like.

Lip Piercing Care

Care of any kind for the lip piercing should include rinsing. Special solution is used for this procedure. However, the necessity of puncture’s treatment with solution does not fall away. This should be done only from the outside of the lip. During the lip piercing healing period you would have to abstain from alcohol and smoking. However, you get a chance to show your strong will to others one more time by abstaining from a bad habit. Also, you would have to abstain from spicy and sour food.

You may have problems with diction for the first 2-3 days. Appetite may decrease fairly well for about two weeks. This would be a good opportunity to lose couple of pounds!
It is very difficult to watch yourself not to play with lip jewelry by teeth and the tongue. It is forbidden to yank, rotate or stretch lip ring until a channel would totally heal over. Besides that, do not forget, that quite often such habit get’s on nerves of surrounding you people

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