Lobe of the ear piercing care manual

ear piercing1. Do not put off earring in a course of 1, 5 months (4-6 weeks) after a piercing. Healing of a channel takes place during this period.

2. It is not advisable to wash your head, visit a pool, sauna, bath, or take a bath in a basin the first two – three days after the piercing. It is also good to abstain from physical load and active sport. Treat the spots of a piercing from both sides with special means of Califon Company (healing solution 30ml) every day (twice – morning and evening and better before taking water procedures). After a treatment with a solution, twist the earring without taking it off!!

3. In 3-4 days after a piercing it is necessary to twist the earrings to both sides not less than 1-2 minutes and couple times a day and also move them back and forth without taking off clasps. This procedure is necessary in order to avoid stagnation in a channel and also for its widening.

4. It is possible to take off the earring prickles after 1, 5 months. You would have to put some effort in order to take of clasps for the first time. In order to take off an earring right, hold it from the front by the head with confidence by your two fingers of one hand setting up, this way support position and carefully pull off a clasp from behind by the other hand. Surely do it with clean hands and without rush.

5. A channel would have a diameter of an earring prickle pin after taking off the earring prickle; therefore, it is not recommended to put the earrings in with a pin diameter thicker than the earring prickle pin nor the earrings with an English lock. You may injure a channel and cause an infection during putting it in.

6. Before putting new earrings in it is necessary to treat them with spirit. Lobe of the ear is very soft and elastic tissue and that is why a channel in it would take an earring diameter of any design within a time.
In case of an inflammation indication (within 1,5 months after a puncture) it is recommended to get a consultation from the specialist, who punctured your ears. Do not do self-treatment!

Finally, recommendation for the future:

When putting any earrings in never press clips tightly to the lobe. Many people do this, because they are afraid to lose clips or because of other considerations, but a result may cause troubles.


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