Silver TummyToys Belly Button Rings

Qpiercing presents silver TummyToys belly ring collection. Belly button rings made from 925 sterling silver, are the best you can find on the market. Made using only the highest grade of materials and craftmanship, each peice has been carefully designed to eliminate the hurt

11 points about the piercing

Point 1. The most popular body parts for piercing are the ears, tongue and navel. This is because these areas are the least painful and are in sight. Piercing of the nasal septum or nipple of the breast brings more

Belly Button Piercing Recommendations

belly button piercingWe can say that in the present time belly button piercing is still one of the most popular, esthetically beautiful and sexual kind of piercings.

Especially sexy and beautiful belly button piercing looks on slim girls with a nice body.

Medical Classic Piercing

body piercingNowadays, a piercing does not belong to a group of something not acceptable by a population. Men and women, grandmothers and grandfathers do not look with horror, exclamation or moaning at passing by young people with punctured noses, lips, eyebrows

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