Black Line Body Jewelry

    Plasma-sprayed coating technology PVD is applied in the production of black line body jewelry on titanium (grades G23). This technology is used in the medical industry. PVD (physical vapourdeposition) is a processing of a metal in the vacuum by means of melting the molecules of other metals with its surface to make it extra strong and solid. All of our black line jewelry are made with this technology. The PVD-coating holds extremely tight and evenly on the base, it does not have micro cracks and makes a protective layer resistant to abrasion. Black line piercing jewelry is resistant to scratches, shocks and mechanical impacts. Black line body jewelry defies environmental influences, for example, human sweat or acidic environment. Besides that the PVD-technology provides the ultimate biocompatibility. In the production of body jewelry only titanium is used as a substrate the material to be worked on).

    Black line body jewelry is suitable for extended wear as well as for all kinds of initial piercing. It does not cause any friction, retains its color and is biochemically harmless. In addition the coefficient of aging of black titanium is very low. Any visitor of our body jewelry shop can find black line body jewelry to his likings. We guarantee that every piece of our black line piercing jewelry is of high quality and with the right done piercing it will please you for a long time.

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